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What do newspaper journalists think…

…about their jobs, their future and the industry? A report from a faculty member at Ball State University suggests cynicism and burnout are on the lips of too many of these news pros. Meanwhile, another report indicates more and more … Continue reading

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If you want to avoid political advertisements…

…you can watch this television program.

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The seal of approval has been given…

…by the FCC for the buyout of ClearChannel.

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An important challenge to high school journalism students…

…and for those of us who teach them once they move on to college. Does anyone disagree with the arguments in this essay? Not going to get any dispute from me. This piece is right on the money.

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Are the media giving Mitt Romney a free pass?

When it comes to closely examining his health care policies, the answer — according to this report — is yes.

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A pair of relevant international news stories

One concerns the death of a journalist…the other examines the development of journalism in one Middle East country

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You tell ’em, Sara

After you read this, I think you’ll agree with that sentiment.

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