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See, I told you so

If you’re not in Pakistan, you’re going to have a hard time reporting about the country and the Bhutto assassination. Kudos to ABC and CNN for being there. Shame on those who weren’t. This story relates well with an earlier … Continue reading

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Journalism education in China

This is a fascinating story, as it outlines the challenges that journalism educators, journalism students, and the Chinese political structure (among other groups) are dealing with as China continues its relentless pursuit of economic might and its zeal for tight … Continue reading

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An interesting format for the next political debates

Check out what ABC’s Charles Gibson is planning. I think this just might work…and it likely will allow for more free-flowing discussion.

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The situation in Kenya…

…appears to deteriorate. Here are additional details about the media and the job they are trying to do in this unsettled environment. There are important teaching lessons available to those of us in education, as we look at the crises … Continue reading

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Dramatic new video of Bhutto assassination

This video places into question the government’s argument that Bhutto had no bullet wounds. Follow the reporter’s narration, but pay special attention to Bhutto’s head.

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Another crisis, another country

It will be worth evaluating how the U.S. media cover this story — post-election violence and the suspension of live media coverage. All of this happening in Kenya, where the incumbent president is believed to have won a close race.

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Another Bhutto to take control of the PPP Party?

TIME magazine is reporting that the 19-year-old son of Benazir Bhutto might replace his late mother as head of the PPP Party. This story, which I saw on CNN during the 10:00 p.m. ET hour included a series of reports … Continue reading

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