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A Virginia Tech archive

Learned about this earlier today…what an excellent resource this should be from a variety of academic approaches. Advertisements

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Falling prey to the hype

Confession — I watched/listened to/paid more attention to the 2007 NFL Draft than I should have and ever imagined I would. I fell victim to the hype about where this player and that player would end up…whether this team or … Continue reading

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The Cho video…from a polling perspective

NBC did the right thing…is the (sort of) conclusion. But NBC’s president is still upset.

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The urge to merge…

…apparently is going to be a frustrating experience. Why analysts think one merger deal will not happen.

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The will to go the extra mile

One overseas journalist says American media would do a lot better if it were willing to go the extra mile. Read his thoughts here.

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Bill Moyers special

Yes, a few days late in posting about the Bill Moyers/PBS special about the Iraq War, the U.S. media and the Bush administration. I was struck by the number of journalists who seemed almost amazed at how poorly the industry … Continue reading

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Taking my kid to work…today!

For the first time I’m taking advantage of the “take your child to work” program. I’m not sure if others feel the same as I, but there is something rather refreshing about having your child at work. (Of course, in … Continue reading

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