Pakistan’s government censures top newspaper; journalists refuse to stay silent

Dawn has the story.

The Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) has expressed concern over a notice served by the Press Council of Pakistan on Dawn for what it called violating the Ethical Code of Conduct by publishing an interview of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif about the 2008 Mumbai attacks.

The PFUJ president, Afzal Butt, and its secretary general Ayub Jan Sarhandi urged the authorities not to interfere with the right of media to report fairly, said a press release on Sunday.

In a joint statement, the two PFUJ office-bearers said they were concerned that the newspaper’s circulation had been subjected to seemingly arbitrary curbs.

And did you love the way the newspaper’s staff included the hyperlink to the story that angered the government?

Good job!

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China wants all mosques to prominently display nation’s flag

Repeat after me: China’s dictator is no friend of religion.

China’s dictator is no friend of religion.

Xi Jinping’s government continues to stick its nose in the religions authorized to be practiced inside China.

The latest move?

AFP has the details.

Flags should be hung in a “prominent position” in all mosque courtyards, the China Islamic Association said in a letter published on Saturday on its website.

This would “further strengthen the understanding of national and civic ideals, and promote a spirit of patriotism among Muslims of all ethnic groups”, it read.

Mosques should also publicly display information on the party’s “core socialist values”, and explain them to devotees via Islamic scripture so that they will be “deeply rooted in people’s hearts”, it said.

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Want to live happily ever after in Canada?

The Globe and Mail examines the criteria for happy living in Canada.

What matters more are factors such as affordable homes, short commuting times and – most important – a sense of community belonging. In general, rural residents are happier than their urban counterparts, despite lower incomes, according to the study conducted by John Helliwell and Hugh Shiplett of the University of British Columbia and Christopher Barrington-Leigh of McGill University. …

Toronto and Vancouver ranked at the very bottom of Canadian cities in a 2015 happiness ranking from Statistics Canada. The report drew on responses to the Canadian Community Health Survey and General Social Survey to calculate life satisfaction in 33 census metropolitan regions across the country. Calgary, Halifax, Montreal and Saskatoon all did better than Toronto and Vancouver, but the happiest cities of all were Saguenay, Que., Trois-Rivières, Que., St. John’s, Nfld., and Sudbury, Ont.

In the full study, the researchers state:

When we compare the average characteristics of the most and least happy urban communities, we find a number of large matching differences in census-based variables. In particular, in the happiest quintile of urban neighbourhoods, incomes are higher, unemployment is lower, fewer people spend more than 30% of their incomes on housing, proportions of the foreign-born are lower, religious identification is higher, education levels are higher, commuting times are shorter, and population densities are lower. Average values for general trust, and for indigenous identification, do not differ significantly between the most and least happy quintiles.

I’m unable to get the appendix, which I think has the full city list. Once I do, I’ll update this post.

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China is getting ready to stick it to India

The Times of India has the latest example showing how China, under Xi Jinping, is a treat to the world.

Hao Xiaoguang, a researcher with the Institute of Geodesy and Geophysics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Wuhan, Hubei who specialises in India-China issues said Beijing was likely to take the same approach to the Himalayas as in the South China Sea.

As China’s economic, geopolitical and military strength continues to increase, “it is only a matter of time before South Tibet returns to Chinese control,” Hao claimed.

“What China (has) achieved today in the South China Sea was almost unthinkable a decade ago. I am optimistic (about) what will happen in the Himalayas in the coming years because President Xi has made it clear that ‘not a single inch of our land will be or can be ceded from China’, which definitely includes South Tibet,” he said.

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Two German soccer players with Turkish roots take photo with Erdogan; controversy and apologies follow

Reuters has the details of the latest incident of politics and sports coming together.

Two German internationals of Turkish heritage met Germany’s head of state and soccer bosses on Saturday, in a bid to defuse a political row after they were pictured with Turkey’s president. …

The photos unleashed a storm of criticism from lawmakers across Germany’s political spectrum and the DFB football federation, all of whom argued that Erdogan does not sufficiently respect German values.

Ties between the European Union and Turkey have deteriorated over the past two years amid a crackdown by Erdogan’s government on suspected supporters of a failed military coup in July, 2016.

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CFL News: Bighill more important signing than Manziel (and your vote)

The much-rumored Johnny Manziel to Hamilton move happened today; Manziel announced he is hoping to resurrect his professional football career in Canada and with the CFL’s TiCats.

The move has generated lots of conversation on talk radio and even more on social media.

A couple hours after the Manziel signing, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers made their own move. They’ve signed Adam Bighill, a hard-nosed linebacker who spent last season in that other professional football league.

Manziel’s move will generate more discussion, but the Bighill move will be more valuable. In fact, Bighill could be a difference maker as the Blue Bombers seek to end their 28-year championship drought.

Bighill won’t be a distraction; Manziel might be.

Bighill won’t generate any off-the-field headlines; Manziel could.

Bighill is a proven CFL commodity; Manziel is not.

Perhaps the only item that links these two is that they both want to return to that other league, and therefore both believe a strong showing in 2018 could increase those odds.

So, which signing do you think is more important to their team’s potential success in 2018, and why? REPLY IN THE COMMENTS SECTION.

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FLASH: Manziel signs with CFL’s TiCats (2x UPDATED)

2nd UPDATE: 11:25 a.m. EDT:

I will quickly and fully apologize to Manziel if I am wrong, but I see no way his time in the Canadian Football League will be successful unless he displays a maturity I believe he lacks.

I do see head coach June Jones as the central figure in Manziel’s future: If Jones can keep Manziel in line, as a determination of how much he plays becomes clearer, then this potentially divisive player could prove to be a positive addition.

I see Hamilton as a championship-caliber team; if Manziel undermines that potential, then coach and player could be shown the door at season’s end.

1st UPDATE: 11:10 a.m. EDT:

ORIGINAL POST: What a mistake: the CFL’s Hamilton TigerCats have signed quarterback Johnny Manziel, the party-animal, immature, NFL-flop.

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