Nothing more needs to be said

You know I am right.
Do not argue. 

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Donald Trump’s seven dirty words

Photo: Anthony Moretti 20Jan2017








Somewhere in Heaven, George Carlin is scratching his chin. And waiting for his moment.


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Two months before the start of the baseball season and 20 teams have no chance

Chances are, if you are a fan of Major League Baseball, then you count down the days until the beginning of spring training. For the record, we’re about 55 days away from pitchers and catchers reporting to Arizona or Florida. A few days after that, the remainder of the teams’ rosters will show up.

And for 20 of those teams, 2018 already is shaping up to be a waste of time. Those teams have zero chance of making the post-season. Those squads are in business to make money, to be fodder for the other 10 teams, and not to win a championship.

Harsh? Heresy?

Nope. Truth.

Photo: Anthony Moretti, 09Aug2017

The financial imbalances that exist in Major League Baseball are as clear as ever; the recently completed winter meetings exposed how the “big market” teams that are not in a rebuild mode have the chance to hoist the championship trophy in about 10-and-a-half months.

The rest of the teams don’t.

There are five American League teams and five National League teams that can win in 2018. That’s 10 teams.

Photo: Anthony Moretti 28May2016

The American League West has two teams worth watching: Houston and Los Angeles.

The American League East also has two: Boston and New York.

The American League Central has one: Cleveland.

The National League West might have two teams: Los Angeles and (maybe) Arizona.

The National League Central has two: Chicago and St. Louis.

The National League East has one: Washington.

If you are fan of any other team, then enjoy the season that will end with you watching these 10 teams fight for the championship.

Sure, a few big-market teams, namely San Francisco, Seattle, Texas and Toronto, might cobble together a couple of free-agent signings and trades and crack the expected domination of the aforementioned 10 teams. But notice what they are: big-market teams.

However, teams such as Cincinnati, Kansas City, Miami, Milwaukee, Oakland, Pittsburgh, San Diego and Tampa Bay will debate whether to hang onto their top-line players before they become free agents and head elsewhere, or trade them.

So, the 2018 standings will look something like this:

American League:

New York
Los Angeles

National League:

Los Angeles
St. Louis

And where do the other teams finish? Irrelevant.

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Another reason to question fracking

Low-weight birth babies and their long-term health.

The Los Angeles Times explains.

[R]esearchers have found that pregnant women living within two-thirds of a mile of a hydraulic fracturing well were 25% more likely to give birth to a worryingly small infant than were women who lived at least 10 miles outside that zone during pregnancy.

Over these babies’ lifetimes, their low birth weights raise the likelihood they will suffer poorer health and lower achievement, including reduced earnings and educational attainment.

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BREAKING: Senators owner, to Ottawa: Sure, the team could move.

Photo: Anthony Moretti 27Nov2016

ESPN reports that the owner of the Ottawa Senators is playing the ol’ “I’ll move the team” game with residents of that city.

“If it becomes a disaster, yes. If you start not seeing crowds showing up, yes,” he said. “But for now, we are on the cusp of doing OK. It’s a direct relationship, make no mistake about it, between revenue and how much you spend on players. We are one of the biggest spenders in this league. We spend $68 million a year. Everyone says, ‘You are cheap.’ Are you kidding me? Even at $68 million, that’s way too much over a revenue base that we have.” …

Melnyk has been seeking an influx of cash to refurbish his arena in Kanata, Ontario, or to build a new arena in downtown Ottawa.

What he isn’t seeking is to sell the team or take on a slew of new investors.

“Imagine if you own a McDonald’s franchise, but you can move it,” Melnyk said. “But why would you sell it? It’s something that’s very difficult to buy. We’re doing OK here. We’re not doing great, but we’re doing OK.”

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It inches closer

By hour, minute, second


Rainbows of colors

Everywhere, all around us

Like oceans rising.

Bright smiles, big sounds

Moments of laughter and cheer

Others hear mere noise.

Scamper here, and there

Be ever quicker today

For almost all. But…

Stillness. And silence

Snowflakes, solitude for one

Such struggle to find.

One plea. One request.

That place. Where can it be found?

There, tranquility.

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Ohio, to pregnant mothers: No abortion if your fetus has Down syndrome

The Washington Post reports Ohio lawmakers want to add another abortion restriction to women in that state.

The state legislature approved the bill Wednesday, sending it to Gov. John Kasich (R), who has not said explicitly whether he plans to sign it. He is a staunch abortion opponent, and earlier this year he called a prohibition on abortion in cases of the genetic disorder “appropriate.”

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