It’s now a crime to help undocumented immigrants in one country

Al Jazeera has the details.

Following the passing of the laws on what also happens to be World Refugee Day, rights groups and international organisations decried the measures as draconian and a violation of fundamental human rights.

Hey, it might be Hungary today and another nation tomorrow.

The “other” is being treated as non-people in too many nations. The world’s lurch to the right in recent years demonstrates that our collective humanity is under threat.

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It’s only a matter of time before the potshots at Russia’s World Cup success begin

The Russian men’s soccer team is not following the script.

It is winning games at the World Cup, soccer’s biggest stage.

Those wins soon will lead to hostile remarks from soccer fans and other people who want to criticize Russia for any success it has anywhere in the world, no matter the event, cause or purpose.

The fact that Russia also is the host of this year’s event will give its critics even more ammunition as they create their conspiracy theories.

Russia beat Saudi Arabia, 5-0, last Thursday, in the opening match of the World Cup. It followed up that victory with another on Tuesday, when the Russians beat the Egyptians, 3-1. Though Russia has not yet assured itself of a spot in the knockout round, which is akin to the playoffs, it seems certain the host country will be among the final 16 teams.

Before the World Cup, the expectation was Russia would struggle to advance out of the group stage.

The experts believed Uruguay, which Russia plays in a few days, would be the best team in a group also containing Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Russia. Egypt, with one of the world’s most electric players, Mo Salah, was considered the second best. Adding to the lack of optimism about the Russians was their terrible performance in several matches leading up to the World Cup tournament.

Only once in World Cup history has the host nation not made it out of the group stage. Russia seemed certain to make it twice, many soccer experts projected.


Of course, the positive results are fueling a surge of pride throughout Russia. The jam-packed stadiums filled with fans wearing Russia’s version of the red, white and blue offer one clue to the sheer joy being felt by Russians as their men’s team plays well.

Public squares and other places where Russians gather to watch the matches also are filled.

There’s no question that right now Russia is a soccer nation.

That kind of story won’t fly with many of Russia’s critics. Where you and I might smile at what’s taking place with the Russians, these critics are soon to tell you that something unethical has to be causing it

They’ll suggest, without proof of course, that Russia is winning because the soccer players are doping. Or maybe the Russians are winning because president Vladimir Putin has authorized a gigantic bribe of soccer officials to ensure Russia’s victories. Or maybe Russia is winning because the ball used during its games has somehow been tampered with to ensure it goes into the goal when a Russian player kicks it but stays out when the other team does the same.

The slippery slope from conspiracy to lunacy quickly will be evident.

To this point, there is one reason why the Russians have won: They’re playing a smart brand of football, taking chances when they become available while maintaining as rock solid a defense as possible.

There’s no other explanation, and that drives the conspiracy theorists nuts.

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CFL Notes: Week 2 Predictions

Four predictions last week. Four wins.

Can I keep it up as I take a look at Week 2 of the 2018 CFL season?

Here we go!

Saskatchewan at Ottawa: Saskatchewan head coach Chris Jones says wide receiver Duron Carter will play a lot at cornerback because of an injury to Nick Marshall. Fine with me. The east has to beat the west sometime this season, right? That won’t happen in this game, which is Ottawa’s season opener. SSK 27, OTT 19

Winnipeg at Montreal: Chris Streveler had an impressive debut as Winnipeg’s (short-term) starting quarterback in a loss to Edmonton. Drew Willy started strong but faded for Montreal in a loss at BC. Streveler tastes success this week, which would mean Montreal’s losing streak will extend to 13. WPG 24, MTL 21

Hamilton at Edmonton: The TiCats wrap up their two game Alberta road trip and the Esks enjoy their home opener. Would you believe that the two quarterbacks who threw for the most yards in Week 1 are meeting in this game? Edmonton’s injuries are going to be a problem sooner rather than later. EDM 28, HAM 20

Calgary at Toronto: The last time these two teams met, the Stamps owned the statistical advantage but lost the game. The stakes aren’t as high this time. This week, the statistical advantage might be less lopsided. The score most definitely won’t be lopsided. CGY 23, TOR 21

Last week: 4-0

Season: 4-0

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Communist-loving officer resigns from U.S. Army

The Associated Press has the story.

“I consider myself a revolutionary socialist,” the 26-year-old Rapone told The Associated Press. “I would encourage all soldiers who have a conscience to lay down their arms and join me and so many others who are willing to stop serving the agents of imperialism and join us in a revolutionary movement.”

Rapone said his journey to communism grew out of his experiences as an Army Ranger in Afghanistan before he was accepted into the U.S. Military Academy. And those views only hardened during his studies of history as one of the academy’s “Long Gray Line.”

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Mexico’s World Cup pariah?

The New York Times has the story.

If he is the best player in a game, he most assuredly will not be named the Budweiser Man of the Match. His lodging is carefully scrutinized to prevent him from staying in places that have any American connections, even if it means getting him a room away from the team. And however hard he works on the field, (he) has agreed to not get paid.

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The disgrace along our southern border

You are not a person of faith — no matter the faith — if you support what’s happening along the southern border.

You do not value the family if you support what’s happening along the southern border.
You cannot look at the Statue of Liberty and smile or revere it if you support what’s happening along the southern border.

If a hostile government — let’s say China — were treating families the way the Dotard Administration is, would EVERY Republican senator support the policy? Would FOX News? Would you?

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“I am not telling this story for any sympathy or any kind words”

Photo: Anthony Moretti, 24Oct2017

Editor’s note: Jamie DuMont is the author of this blog post. It originally appeared on his Facebook page, and he has allowed me to reprint it here. Jamie and I have known each other since high school. Like many people, we lost touch for a few years before reuniting on Facebook.

I don’t tell this story very often. In fact, many of you probably don’t know this about me. In 1993, I was beaten with a PVC pipe by six teenagers and left to fend for myself while a small crowd gathered and no one helped me. It was around 2:00 a.m. on the corner of Noe & Market in San Francisco. I was drunk and high, as I usually was in those days, trying to get a cab. A car pulled up, filled with teenagers, and they started calling me bitch and faggot. At first, I didn’t think they were talking to me. Before I knew it, four of them jumped out of the car and started attacking me. Two of them had pipes, the other two were shoving and kicking me. By the time I hit the ground a small crowd had gathered. No one did anything to help me and I clearly remember someone saying, “yeah, but what can we do?” Somehow I managed to to right myself and as I began to stand I noticed the back door of a cab open up and someone shouting, “GET IN.” I did, and that person had the cab take me home. I wouldn’t go to the hospital or the police station. I can’t even tell you if that person was a man or a woman, but know they saw me up to my apartment. I was badly bruised and my hand was injured (from protecting my face), but fortunately no bones were broken. I didn’t tell anyone and I didn’t leave my apartment for three days. I filed a police report, which felt useless and a report with a victim’s action group, which did give me some comfort. I wasn’t angry at the crowd that did nothing. It was a different time and although we had come far as a society, we still had a long way to go. I was more shocked that this happened on such a busy street and I was truly grateful I wasn’t severely beaten and I had gotten away rather quickly.

I am not telling this story for sympathy or any kind words. I am telling this story because the one thing this incident did do for me made me an even prouder, louder gay man. For me, it had the opposite effect than had been intended. It made me stronger, gayer, more fabulous.

Now more than ever we need to stand together, stay strong and be loud. It truly is a matter of life and death.

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