Don’t read anything into my not taking part in the “March for Our Lives” protest today

Opting not to talk part in the Pittsburgh “March for Our Lives” today was no political statement. Lest you have any doubts where my thoughts are on the issue of gun control, read this:

I stand with every adult, teenager and child who is marching in one of America’s cities today to let government officials know that new and meaningful gun control laws need to be enacted.

I stand with every voter who intends to make a politician’s stance on gun laws a pivotal determinant in how I vote in November and in the future.

Juggling my wife getting the taxes completed with my older son helping a friend work on a car with my younger son needing to be at his futsal game, I couldn’t be in downtown Pittsburgh for the march. But don’t you dare think that I am ditching the effort started by the Parkland, FL., teenagers.

Ball in your court.

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Add Singapore to the list of nations whose governments doubt Facebook can police itself

As the Straits Times notes,

The conduct of Facebook in the data breach involving Cambridge Analytica gives the Government reason to question whether the social network can be trusted to cooperate in the fight against online falsehoods, said Home Affairs and Law Minister K. Shanmugam …

On the fourth day of the Select Committee’s hearings, representatives from Facebook as well as Twitter and Google were asked about their statements and actions, as the committee looked to their track record to determine if they will be reliable partners in countering fake news. In their submissions to the committee, the firms said there are enough laws in place to tackle the problem in Singapore, without new legislation.

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Immediate and furious response to journalist’s claim she was sexually assaulted

The Times of India has the details.

Protesting students claimed that the “attack” by the police was “unprovoked”, with a woman journalist alleging that a man in uniform molested her and asked her to vacate the place.

In a complaint submitted to the Sarojini Nagar police station, the woman journalist said she was “groped” an Inspector of the Delhi Cantonment police station.

A female photographer also complained of being roughed-up by a policewoman during the protest.

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China ready to humble U.S.; recent history says it will succeed

Readers of this blog know I am no fan of China.

It is ruled by an autocrat masquerading as a benevolent leader.

It has designs on regional hegemony that are of concern to its democratic neighbors.

It has no regard for freedom of speech or of freedom of the press.

It will not tolerate dissent of any kind.

But make no mistake: China is a colossus on the world stage.

This week, Donald Trump announced significant tariffs against China, a move that was embraced by the most vocal of Trump supporters and rejected by everyone else.

Great move, you say, on Trump’s part to stand up to China in that way?

You keep thinking that as you read this report from the Globe and Mail.

China is No. 1 in cars, smartphones and any number of other items people buy for themselves. Chinese consumers, in other words, have already collectively become the world’s buying superpower.

And when Beijing wants to retaliate, it has a record of using those buyers, nudged by nationalism and propaganda, to exact a painful toll on rivals. China has done so in recent years to the Philippines, Japan and South Korea, with Chinese consumers participating in boycotts of foreign-made cars, cosmetics and tourist destinations that have inflicted financial suffering on those Beijing wants to punish.

When you see prices for everyday goods go up and the stock market go down, and when China sends its best and brightest young minds to colleges in Europe instead of the U.S., let’s talk about how wise Trump’s decision is.

No, China is not our friend. But a trade war is not the way to stand up to Asia’s bully.

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The sounds of cricket, not crickets, to fill Karachi

The Associated Press has the details.

Pakistan’s biggest city will witness a high-profile cricket match for the first time in nine years on Sunday when the Pakistan Super League final is staged amid heavy security at a newly renovated National Stadium in Karachi. …

The provincial administration in Karachi has put up in place stringent security arrangements for Sunday’s final. Spectators might have to wait in long queues hours before the evening final and will get into the stadium only after going through at least three security checkpoints.

But the city is giving a festive look to welcome foreign players like Peshawar Zalmi’s Darren Sammy of West Indies and Chris Jordan of England, and South African J.P. Duminy and New Zealand’s Luke Ronchi of Islamabad United.

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Pakistan Day brings celebration, questions to the country

One Pakistani newspaper, Dawn, examines how Friday’s celebrations began in the capital.

Pakistan Day commemorates the passing of the Lahore Resolution on March 23, 1940, when the All-India Muslim League demanded a separate nation for the Muslims of the British Indian Empire.

A joint military parade was held at Parade Ground near the Shakarparian hills in Islamabad to mark the day.

Mobile phone services were suspended in the capital, where the annual parade took place. The ceremony commenced with the recitation of Holy Quran. After the national anthem was played, President Mamnoon Hussain observed the parade from a jeep.

The newspaper also noted that three Indian officials were present at the event.

Meanwhile, the Nation asks a provocative question about Pakistan: What do the country’s youth think about their homeland?

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The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Editorial Board appears to not give a da*n about the city

Photo; Anthony Moretti 2Oct2016

The Columbia Journalism Review has the story.

Burris’ appointment, however, seems destined to sustain the outrage of Post-Gazette readers and staffers, many of whom were alarmed and offended by Burris’ January columns. The Post-Gazette’s new editorial page arrangement indicates the paper may not yield to their concerns.

THE “REASON AS RACISM” EDITORIAL is not the first time in recent memory the Post-Gazette’s opinion pages caught blowback from its readership.

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